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snowconeHello from the land of snow cones! In the last two weeks Ruby had spay surgery, celebrated her five-month birthday, lost several teeth, learned to sleep through the night with no bathroom breaks, and decided to enter the dreaded teenager phase. She’s such an overachiever. She’s doing well, though, and only has a couple more days in the cone, yay! Needless to say all of us are looking forward to the slightly warmer temperatures predicted for this weekend. Yay for 40 degrees! And I just invested in a new pair of wellies just in time for the snow melt.

Here’s a few links from the week:

I love everything that Laurel did for her daughter’s “Sparkle Like a Unicorn” party!

“Detroit: Just West of Bushwick” — I’m totally biased but I’d take Detroit over Brooklyn anytime.

Marie Mainguy’s illustrations are perfectly adorable… love the broccoli sundae!

I’m pretty sure I’m too old/lazy/lame to actually go to Coachella, so can I just live in one of these places instead, please??

The cutest thing this week.

Have a great weekend, friends! Don’t forget to spring forward!

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