Our Home-Tour To-Do List

There are six weekends before the Ohio City Home Tour on May 16th.

I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep for a week starting May 17th!

It’s going to be a crazzzzzy few weeks trying to get a bunch of things done around the house, but we have a good start on our to-do list so far. This weekend was full of painting, sanding, installing, organizing, buying wood, hanging new curtains … cutting Andy’s hair. Um, why not?

So here are some of the bigger projects on our list…

nautical guest room sneak peek

1. Hey look! It’s our new nautical guest room and I loooove it! Left to do: details like hanging art, rearranging furniture and organizing my craft supplies … or, you know, shoving all the craft stuff in the closet and calling it done ;)

our laundry room sneak peek

2. Oooh, our laundry area is almost done too, and, you guys, it’s awesome. I don’t want to show you the whole thing yet, so just you wait! Left to do: not much.

our office sneak peek

3. The office, on the other hand, isn’t looking so good. Don’t worry, this sad desk situation is totally temporary. We’re building a pretty new desk from scratch. Also left to do: window coverings, a lot of organizing, and fun stuff like decorating (I have soooo many ideas!).


4. At the beginning of the year we ripped up all the carpet in our second-floor hallway to repair the floorboards. New carpet is ordered, paid for and getting installed soon. Also left to do: repainting the walls, which is my project for today.

our entryway | Burritos and Bubbly

5. Speaking of painting, remember this picture of our entryway? So.Many.Colors. Well, we’ve finally picked one … and I’m not telling you yet what it is. Left to do: paint it!

our backyard

6. Our backyard. It’s bad. Left to do: um, something? anything? not a barren wasteland? Anyone know a landscaper who’s available like immediately? (I’m serious.)

So six projects for six weekends… Plus about a million other little things, but who’s counting? Honestly though, I love seeing all these projects coming together and I’m so excited for the home tour. By the way, tickets are on sale now!

— Kerry

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