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signs of spring

Happy Friday! Happy Spring! Because it’s really starting to feel like Spring for real now, right? This rain is totally putting a damper on all my spray painting projects, but I can’t complain when it’s so warm and all the flowers are starting to bloom!

Well what a week. Andy took the whole week off to work on house projects and was able to get SO MUCH done. Unfortunately I’ve been a little under the weather and feeling like the biggest jerk for not being able to help him as much as I’d like. But we painted our entryway and the little area between our two sets of front doors, whatever that space is called… a foyer? We usually call it “that little room” because we’re fancy like that. We finished building a new desk(!!) for our new office(!!), and I’m even sitting at it right now!! Eesh, I love this desk! This week we also hung shelves, cleaned old paint off old doorknobs, finished a cute little DIY project for our dining room, chased lots of balls with Ruby and took a few naps with the kitties. The best part is: we officially have more things on our DONE list than our TO-DO list (24 vs 16), and that is amaaaaazing!!

This weekend will be more of the same … especially hopefully the part about naps! I also hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I’m super excited to share all the projects we’ve been doing with you in the next few weeks!

Have a great weekend, friends!!

— Kerry

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