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Happy Friday and Happy Weekend, friends! I’m really looking forward to this weekend because I am absolutely determined to finish the projects we have had lingering at 90% done for weeks. The office and guest rooms have both been almost done for a while now, but I just need to finish unpacking boxes, filling shelves, generally making things pretty enough for pictures. We’re also working on painting the built-in pantry. I think I need to go stock up on bones to keep Ruby occupied while we work this weekend!!

Here’s a few scenes from our lives lately…

Ruby asleep in her bed while I work at the computer. I think she’s just about the cutest sleeper ever. (And I’m still in love with our office’s new white floors!)

Three little succulents sitting on a shelf … aka, another office sneak peek!!

Mocha keeps getting fluffier and fluffier (aka chubbier) and I love it.

We’ve been eating Blue Apron meals this week. In case you haven’t heard of it, Blue Apron is a mail-order food service, where they send you all the raw, fresh ingredients and a recipe card, and you cook the meal at home. It’s on the verge of being expensive in my opinion, but it’s super convenient and really fun. So far, we’ve been very happy with the two meals we’ve had. This one pictured is almond-crusted cod with red quinoa, radishes and snap peas. It was delicious. Last night we learned to cook with fennel. Who knew we could cook with fennel?! It’s fun.

Home Depot has soooo many succulents right now and I want them aaaaallllll!

Last week when it was actually Spring and not Winter, Ruby learned to pant for the first time. It was so cute to watch her figure out that if she opened her mouth, it was good, and then if she stuck out her tongue, it was even better. So cute. Almost as cute as when she learned how to wag her tail a few months ago!

Have a great weekend!

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