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oldlondonpicHi guys! Oof, that was a rough Cavs game last night. I’m pretty sure all of Cleveland is with me in that we really just need a nap after all these late games — including the guys on the team. I’m sure they’ll be able to bounce back well-rested and ready to go for the next game! #ALLIN

All these late nights and sleepy days mean we haven’t gotten a whole lot done around Burritos and Bubbly-land lately, but the good news is we have a vacation coming up soon — London! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to London, and it’ll be Andy’s first time. The picture above is from my first trip there a good ten-ish years ago (I miss that peach jacket — but not so much that hat, ha!). Follow along with our travels on Instagram @burritosbubbly, and if you have any recommendations of great things to do or places to eat, let us know!!

Have a great weekend!!

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