Burrito Baby Update / 15 Weeks

burrito baby update / week 15

My bump isn’t quite as big without a burrito in it!

I thought you might want to know a bit more about our little burrito baby before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. I’ll do these updates every once in a while for any of you who may be curious. :)

WEEK: 15 // she’s the size of an apple!

FEELING: really good! I’ve been super lucky throughout my pregnancy with no morning sickness and no nausea. The biggest problem I had during the first trimester was serious exhaustion, which made it so difficult to chase after a rambunctious puppy all day. My energy has picked up a lot in the last month or so … but I’m still trying to train Ruby to be a lazy dog ;).

DOING: a lot of Pinterest-ing. We’re just barely starting to think about nurseries, baby showers, registries, maternity clothes … but not quite ready to do anything about any of it yet.

EATING: everyyyything. Some days I have a normal, small appetite and other days I could eat all the food ever. Yesterday we had burritos for lunch (Fresco in Rocky River, my favorite!). Normally when we have burritos for lunch, we don’t need to eat dinner. But not yesterday! I followed up my burrito lunch with a pasta dinner. And don’t regret it at all.

CRAVING: exercise. There’s nothing like watching my tummy grow to inspire a desire for exercise. I’ve been doing Ballet Beautiful prenatal streaming videos. I love that this video bundle includes three different workouts that are each only 10-15 minutes long, because let’s be honest, I’m not exercising longer than that these days! I feel a million times better, stronger and more energized after working out (even though I usually fall asleep immediately afterwards, ha!).

WEARING: mostly the same three summer dresses and two pairs of pants that I can sort of fit into. I love that our news is public now so that I can wear whatever I want without worrying whether I’m showing!

MISSING: sleep. I’ve never been a good sleeper, so I really miss the first trimester when I was sleeping through the night every night! (well, sleeping through the night AND the day!) I’m lucky, though, that Ruby is in the habit of taking a nap every morning after breakfast, because it means I can take a nap every morning after breakfast, too.

LOVING: you guys! All of the kind comments you guys left on the blog and social media after our big announcement last Friday were just the sweetest thing ever. That was by far our most popular blog post ever, which is so much fun. It was like every birthday and Christmas combined, and we can’t thank you enough for being SO AMAZING!


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4 thoughts on “Burrito Baby Update / 15 Weeks

  1. Hi Kerry and Andy… I don’t know you nearly as well as my siblings do, but I wanted to wish you congrats on the pregnancy! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and all that comes along with being a parent. I’ll be thinking of you and following you as things progress!

    1. Haha, um, no. But we’re starting her on another round of training classes in August, so… fingers crossed!

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