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You may remember our old “Room of the Week” series… We’re bringing it back! In a way. I was looking through old blog posts the other day and remembered how much fun it was to put together posts about beautiful rooms and what I like about them, so I’m going to reincarnate it as “Dream House” — because admiring pretty spaces  is all about daydreaming, right? I have a real good daydream for you this time!

Lately I’ve been incredibly inspired by the interior design skills of LA-based Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. Her style is a little boho meets a little midcentury with an overall laid-back California vibe. Needless to say, I’m a HUGE fan.

Dream House / 1: modern boho reno from Amber Interiors

One of Amber’s newest projects is what she calls “#ClientSandyCastles” where she took this beachhouse from dated, dark and dingy to light, bright, and perfect for a family. See all the before pictures here! Of course, a huge renovation helped the transformation, but I love the use of comfortable furniture, lots of throw pillows, and pops of color. Bright white walls throughout the house unify all the rooms and provide the perfect neutral — but not boring — background.

Dream House / 1: modern boho reno from Amber Interiors
So my dream kitchen. I love all the white and grey, but then the wood stools add warmth and texture.

Dream House / 1: modern boho reno from Amber Interiors
I want to eat breakfast here every day! The chairs are to die for, and I love how they balance the otherwise monochromatic space.

Dream House / 1: modern boho reno from Amber Interiors
My absolute favorite rooms in the house are these kids’ rooms (above and below). I love how they are cute and colorful without screaming A KID LIVES HERE. Maintaining the white walls throughout the house and into these kids’ rooms makes them more sophisticated, while there’s also a minimum of kid-specific decor. Of course I’m sure there’s a ton more toys around when the rooms aren’t being professionally photographed!

Dream House / 1: modern boho reno from Amber InteriorsSee a lot more pictures of this home on Amber Interiors, along with the before photos.

All photos by Tessa Neustadt.

So what do you think? What do you like or not like about these rooms? Which one is your favorite?

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