Burrito Baby Update / 19 Weeks


We had another ultrasound last week. Our burrito baby is doing well, has all her necessary parts, and is just where she’s supposed to be at this point. It’s crazy how much better ultrasounds are these days. A few years ago I’d see pictures of them and couldn’t even make out a baby shape in all the grey moosh. Now it’s like, look at her cute nose.

WEEK: 19 // We’re almost halfway there! Baby girl weighs about half a pound, is about six inches from head to bottom, and is the size of a big heirloom tomato. We rename her every week, and this week she’s Tommy the Tomato.

FEELING: Baby. All – The – Time. This little girl is so active! They even had trouble taking the ultrasound measurements because she wouldn’t sit still long enough! I explained the feeling to Andy as sometimes like butterflies in my tummy, or sometimes like tummy gurgles, or when she’s really going nuts, like the feeling you get when you go over a big hill and your stomach flips. It’s the greatest, weirdest, kind of creepiest thing ever. I mean, there’s someone moving in my tummy. Weeeeiiiiirrrrrd. But let’s not think about the creep factor.

DOING: Chop-chop-chopping! This weekend I got about six inches cut off my hair and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’d been growing my hair long for about two years and was soooo bored. I just can’t leave my hair the same for long, whether it be length or color. Plus, I like to think of my new hair cut as part of my current mission to declutter my life … less hair = less stuff!!

EATING: Burritos! We went to Fresco in Rocky River twice in the last week because they are my absolute favorite AND because all burritos are only $5 for the month of August… including chips and salsa. What a deal! So you should probably go to Fresco at least twice this week, too. (It’s next to Erie Island Coffee on Detroit Road.)

CRAVING: I had my first super weird pregnancy craving experience last week. I was eating leftover mac and cheese for lunch and it was fine. Then I had a random thought about waffles. In less than a minute, my leftovers went from “fine” to “repulsive,” and the only thing I could eat in the world was waffles! And they were delicious.

WEARING: This striped maternity dress from Target. It’s really cute on, super comfy, and at only $25, a fantastic deal. I should probably get it in black, too.

MISSING: Sleep, margaritas, queso dip.

LOVING: Feeling baby move. In fact, she just woke up and started doing her morning aerobics routine!

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We have a couple of good posts lined up for you this week, so see you back here on Wednesday!!


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