Burrito Baby Update // 21 Weeks

Burrito Baby Update: Week 21!

We’re halfway! Last week marked the official halfway point of my pregnancy, which means time is flyyyying. It’s exciting but also kind of terrifying. There’s way too much to do before then… like moving, and selling a house, and decorating a new house, and renovating a kitchen! To prepare for all that moving and downsizing, we had a dumpster delivered to the old house yesterday. We’re so excited to throw things away! (Do other people get this excited about dumpsters? Just us?)

Here’s a little update on our burrito baby if you’re interested!

WEEK: 21 // This week baby is about three-quarters of a pound, ten and a half inches long and the size of a CARROT! (jeeez, no wonder my tummy hurts!)

FEELING: A little sore this week with muscle (round ligament) pain in my tummy, like I’m being stretched, which, well, I am. This is most likely due to the fact that Andy and I could see that my tummy got bigger from one day to the next. Craaazy. Do babies have growth spurts?

DOING: Stressing. It’s been a busy week between the new house, the old house, Ruby’s training class, Andy’s soccer league, picking paint colors for essentially half the new house because the interior painter started this week, me wanting to play with the Cricut I got for my birthday (soooo excited about it!!)… The good news is, Andy and I are convinced that we actually thrive on stress. That’s why we do crazy things to ourselves like buy a new house while five months pregnant! Maybe we’re just crazy, period.

EATING: When we’re busy all day and spending evenings going back and forth between houses, it’s super tempting to stop and eat something fast and crappy, which we definitely do sometimes. But we’re trying really hard to keep cooking healthy meals at home as much as possible. Blue Apron has been a bit of a lifesaver because we can skip the grocery store and have something good and fun to make at home (this isn’t an ad, we just like it!).

CRAVING: I’ve been craving a donut for five months and I still haven’t had one. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD???

WEARING: Hoodies! My birthday on the 20th always marks the beginning of the end of summer. It never fails. With this week’s cooler temperatures, I’ve been trying on all my hoodies and finding that most of them won’t zip, BOO. But I have a couple that I can still squeeze into and I’ve got to admit, I love cozy fall clothes!

MISSING: Being able to tie my shoes. Imagine putting a bowling ball on your lap and then trying to bend over it to tie your shoes. Technically you can do it, but why would you want to?? I think I might need to invest in a new pair of slip-on Vans!

LOVING: Pumpkin season is right around the corner!

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3 thoughts on “Burrito Baby Update // 21 Weeks

    1. We’re not throwing away any furniture, but we do have a lot to donate. It’s mostly that stuff that you’re like, “WHY do I still have this??” Like, a mirror that broke five years ago or cheap plastic jewelry from when I was little. Plus so much paper… old school papers, random programs, ticketstubs, it all adds up!

  1. I’m eating way more donuts than one should, I’ll have to send you some stat! I did finally get some waffles after your last baby post … and damn it felt good. And I totally agree – throwing out stuff and downsizing is kind of exhilarating. AND you are looking great!!!

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