New House Tour: Part 2!

Burritos and Bubbly new house tour, part 2

Hi guys, did you get to see the first part of our new house tour on Monday? Make sure you check it out! This new house is SO different from our old house, so it’s going to be a lot of fun to try new things and new styles. We’re excited about all the potential it has and that we have a lot more freedom to make it what we want. But let’s continue our tour, ok!? Today we’ll take you upstairs, where there are three bedrooms and two full baths.

Bedroom #1 — the nursery. Here’s your first sneak peek of our most exciting decorating project! We decided to make the first room at the top of the stairs the nursery. It’s the smallest of the three bedrooms, about 11×11, which lends itself well to a tiny person, and it’s also almost directly across the hall from our room, which will make middle-of-the-night feedings easier. Right now this room features a really, really purple accent wall (that’s going to require a lot of primer!) and a ceiling fan that’s way too big and way too low for such a small room. I’m always afraid someone is going to hit their head on it. We have so many fun plans for this room!!

The nursery / Burritos and Bubbly new house tour, part one!

Guest Bathroom — Of all the rooms in the house, this is the one where we anticipate the least amount of work, at least for now. This bathroom was recently renovated and they did a good job, even though it’s not 100% our style.

The guest bath / /Burritos and Bubbly new house tour, part one!

The bathtub is really nice.

The guest bath / Burritos and Bubbly new house tour, part one!

Bedroom #2 — the guest room. Unlike the nursery, we have NO plans for this room. At this point we know it’ll be a guest room, but it may also do double duty as an office… unless we put the computer in the family room. See? No plans. The color isn’t bad in here, so we’ll leave it as is until we figure out what else we want to do. This room is kind of last on our to-do list so we’ll get to it eventually. Except that boob light has got to go!

The guest room / Burritos and Bubbly new house tour, part one!

Bedroom #3 — the master. This is a nice sized room, but it’s definitely a lot smaller than the master in our old house (which you may remember was sort of like two rooms in one). In our old house’s master bedroom, we had two tiny closets and three huge dressers — two of which were mine. In this room we’ll have a nice big closet, and barely enough room for a dresser at all. That’s ok, though, because as part of our decluttering project, we already cut our wardrobes by about half! (That crazy looking black thing on the wall is a TV mount.)

The master bedroom / Burritos and Bubbly new house tour, part one!

Step one: remove the wallpaper border. With a fresh coat of paint and new window coverings this will be a great room. We also have some fun ideas for a DIY headboard. But the absolute best part about the master bedroom is….

The master bedroom / Burritos and Bubbly new house tour, part one!

Ensuite Bathroom! — So the funny story with this house is that it’s almost the exact same layout as the house Andy grew up in and that his parents lived in for like 25 years. When we first looked at the house, he was not interested at all … until we saw the ensuite bathroom, which his house didn’t have! Neither of us has ever had an ensuite of our own, so this is really exciting for us, especially considering how often I’ll need to go to the bathroom as I get more and more pregnant! In the shower, there are jets on the sides. Jets! The bathroom is really not our style right now, though. It’s dark and heavy, so we have some ideas to make updates, including a new vanity and tile. But of course we’re keeping the jets!

The master bath / Burritos and Bubbly new house tour, part one!

So that’s the upstairs! Now you’ve seen pretty much our whole house, so what do you think?? With every passing day, we’re getting more anxious and excited to start working on all of these projects and ideas that we have, and to finally get to move in for good. Next week we’ll show you what our decorating grand plan is for the whole house.

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