Our Complete Home Tour!

Over the last few months, we’ve been taking you on a tour of our house from room to room, and now we thought it would be fun to do a roundup of the whole thing. There were some rooms we didn’t specifically focus on during our home tour posts because they haven’t changed much since the last time we shared photos, like the kitchen and bathrooms, but we’ll include photos and links below for those, too. You can click on the names of the rooms to be taken to the latest post about them and see how they’ve transformed over the last five years. Most of the transformations are pretty dramatic!

So welcome to our home, come on in!

The entry.

home tour: our entryway makeover | Burritos and Bubbly

The dining room.

home tour: dining room | Burritos and Bubbly

The living room.

home tour: living room

The guest bathroom.

home tour: the guest bathroom

The kitchen.

home tour: the kitchen

The pantry/laundry room/mudroom.

home tour: pantry/laundry room

The rumpus room.

home tour: rumpus room

And then the second floor…

The master bedroom.

house tour: master bedroom

The office.

the big reveal: our white and wood home office!

The guest room.

home tour: guest room

The master bathroom.

home tour: the master bathroom

The third floor…

The exercise room. There are two bedrooms and a half-bath on the third floor. Mostly we use this space for storage, but we have one of the bedrooms set up as an exercise room, which has been great to have, especially in the winter when we don’t get outside much. Even Ruby loves to run on the treadmill!! (Aww, she was so little.)

home tour: the exercise room

And, finally, outside…

The garage.

house tour: the garage

The deck.

home tour: the deck

The exterior.

home tour: the exterior

So that’s our house. Thanks for coming on our home tour. On Friday we’re going to tell you the story of how we ended up buying this house, which is going to be pretty fun, so stay tuned!

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