Burrito Baby Update // 23 Weeks

burrito baby update: 23 weeks

Hi guys! Look, I brought my bowling ball! So we’re at the end of week 23, which is essentially 5-1/2 months done, 3-1/2 months to go. Seriously, 3-1/2 months is NOTHING. It’s going to go so fast, especially since I feel like half the weekends are already busy, between baby showers, holidays, weddings…. not to mention this little old move we’re working on. It’s a fun time. It’s really, really exciting and fun and I’m looking forward to every minute of it. Ok, maybe not quite the minutes that involve actual packing and unpacking, but still!!

So here’s a little update on this burrito baby of mine, if you’re interested…

WEEK: 23 // The giant burrito/bowling ball in my tummy is about 11 inches long and weighs over a pound. They say she’s the size of a large MANGO! (That’s a really big mango, right?) All I know is this mango has a kick. She’s been really, really active the last few days. We even saw her move inside my tummy for the first time this week. We were hanging out watching TV and she was moving all around so I pulled up my shirt and sure enough, we saw my tummy move. W-E-I-R-D!

FEELING: I have good days and not-quite-so-good days, but the not-quite-so-good days aren’t bad at all in the grand scheme of things. I find that I’ll go a few days feeling great, totally normal and almost forgetting that I’m even pregnant, and then I’ll have a day of round ligament cramping (it basically feels like the day after the worst ab workout), headaches, back aches and exhaustion. I take it as a sign that I’ve maybe been pushing myself a little too hard (imagine that) and I’ll spend the whole day relaxing. It’s nice that I have the luxury of being able to just step back and do nothing for a day every once in a while, and Andy is amazing, stepping up to take up the slack as much as possible. I’m awfully lucky.

DOING: Packing! As you know, we’ve been working really hard to get the new house ready to live in, this week focusing on painting the master bedroom and bath, while also getting the old house packed up and ready to move out. We’re making huge progress and it’s nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

EATING: Apples! As soon as the air starts to feel a little crisp, the grocery store fills up with apples of every variety. Honestly, I never know the difference, so I tend to pick the apples that look really cute. (Am I the only one??) Soon we’ll be making our annual trip out to Chardon to visit our favorite apple orchard. Then I just need Andy to make some of his famous caramel sauce (maybe without the bourbon this year) and I’ll be all set!

CRAVING: I’m getting donuts today, you guys. I have it all planned out. I have a doctor’s appointment down the street from Peace Love & Little Donuts, so I’m totally stopping afterwards to treat myself (and also Andy because he deserves it). I haven’t tried this place yet but I’ve heard great things and I’m so excited. Nothing can stop me from my donut mission!!!! (knock on wood)

WEARING: It’s fall clothes season, aka the BEST clothes season, aka I need new clothes… again! I’ve been slowly investing in fall dresses to get me through the rest of my pregnancy and beyond, like the absolutely adoooorable one I’m wearing in the picture above from ASOS (which you may remember from my “what to wear to work” post last week), but I’m starting to realize I don’t have any long-sleeve tops, like zero. I’m liking this gingham button-up at Gap and this plaid henley at Loft. Clearly I’m into plaid this season. (And every season, let’s be honest.)

MISSING: Ugh, I made the mistake of going into Anthropologie the other day to pick up something for the house, and of course I fell in love with practically every dress on the racks that I couldn’t possibly fit into. The store was filled with super cute little shift dresses, which are my absolute favorite style, like this, this and this one that is to die for. Sigh. Oh well. Maybe they’ll be on clearance next spring when I maybe hopefully start fitting into real clothes again!

LOVING: Cooler temps! It’s so weird, I used to be the biggest fan of summer ever. As much as I’ve always loved everything fall related, like apple orchards and pumpkin picking and, eek Halloween (I’m already so excited!), I always dreaded fall because it meant winter was around the corner and I can’t stand winter. But now I find myself loving any day that’s slightly cooler because Ruby and I can spend hours outside. It was 77 yesterday, which to me is just about the perfect temperature where I maybe could get away with wearing a sweater and tights (I seriously had goosebumps because I’m always cold!) but I also could still wear a cute dress without a big fat coat covering it up. Basically, instead of moving down the street we should be moving somewhere where it’s in the 70s year round. Where is that?? That’s where we’re moving next!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!! What are you up to this weekend? Thanks so much for reading :)


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