Dream House 3: A Bold Midcentury-Inspired Kitchen

I just have to say, I had the BEST time on Friday reading all of your comments about what color we should paint our front door. It was so great of so many of you to take the time to comment and I hope you had fun with it, too! I might just have to start asking you guys for opinions on a lot more things… Want to help me decorate my house??? :)

So as you know we have about a million small-ish projects going on or on the to-do list for the new house — like, of course, painting the front door — but we also have one BIG project, which is essentially moving and doubling the size of the kitchen. Yeah, it’s a doozy. We were hoping to be able to get it done before baby but since everything to do with moving is taking us twice as long as planned (damn you, painting!), it looks like we’ll have to wait until next year. Sad. We just want to get it done before she’s walking. But in the meantime, we just can’t stop thinking about kitchens. I even have been known to pause the TV on commercials to see what the kitchen looks like. Am I the only one who does that?

Recently I saw this kitchen on Coco + Kelley and it knocked my socks off. I’m super curious to know what you guys think of it, because I personally think it’s as much fabulous as it is kind of bonkers crazy — in a good way! First, take a look, and then we can discuss.

Dream House: A Bold Midcentury-Inspired Kitchen

Dream House: A Bold Midcentury-Inspired Kitchen

Dream House: A Bold Midcentury-Inspired Kitchen

You guys, that cabinet/range hood is BRASS and I am in love. I wouldn’t necessarily want it in my own house, but I love that it exists in the world. Now, the tile, what do you think? It makes me dizzy and I’d never do it in my own home, but again, I appreciate the guts it takes to be so bold and I think in its own weird way it really works well, especially since the tile goes all the way from the floor up the wall, which isn’t something I’ve seen before. What I love, unequivocally, are the simple, flat-front, wood-grain cabinets and the glass floating shelves with the brass arms. So good. The wood really calms down the crazy tile and provides a nice resting place for your eye while also making the whole room feel warmer and more welcoming. Since the lines of the cabinets are so clean and uncluttered in a typically midcentury way (which is why I love this style so much), they aren’t competing with the bold tile and it all balances out.

This kitchen is part of a midcentury-styled “idea home” concept that Sunset magazine put together in Denver, so it’s designed to be more inspirational than “real life,” so the boldness makes a little more sense when you know that. However, I think there are a lot of elements here that you could do in your own home on a smaller scale, like using the same tile on the floor and walls, trying a patterned or colored tile even if it’s more subtle, incorporating brass elements like knobs and drawer pulls, or trying glass shelves instead of wood. But what do you think? Too nuts for you or kind of awesome? Is there anything here that you like?

You should check out the rest of this impressive renovation project on Coco + Kelley here and here.

(All photos are from Coco + Kelley.)

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