Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Oh, you guys. I had something else planned for today but it’s just not going to happen. Instead, enjoy this picture of Ruby because she is the cutest and Wednesday was her 11-month birthday!!


We’re in hyperdrive this week working before and after work, pretty much every waking moment, peeling wallpaper. So.Not.Fun. But as soon as the wallpaper border in our bedroom is gone, Andy can paint the room, and then we can move in! We hired a pro to paint the living room and hallways, and it looks awesome. But to save some money ($500!), we decided to paint the bedrooms ourselves (or, you know, Andy by himself. Have I mentioned yet how frustrating it is for me to not be able to help? I mean, I get it, but STILL). We have some fun paint ideas for the bedroom, as soon as I pick paint colors. Have a WONDERFUL long weekend, and stay tuned for lots of updates on the new house, the old house, and everything else starting next Wednesday!!! xo

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