Help Us Pick a Front Door Color!

Hi guys! I had so much fun on Wednesday reading all of your color suggestions for our front door, so I decided to whip up a collage of color options. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted (and yes, it’s one of these), but after seeing all of these other colors, now I’m not so sure! Which of these doors is your favorite?!

Fun colors for a front door! (via Burritos and Bubbly)

Check out Wednesday’s blog post to see what the front of the house looks like now.

All of these paint colors are all from Valspar:
Row 1: Scarlet Sun 1011-1 / Golden Yellow 3007-1B / Pumpkin Burst 2005-1B
Row 2: Peek-a-Boo Blue 4007-10C / Blue Shock 4005-10B / Beach Sparkle 5004-9C
Row 3: Pixie Dust 1004-1C / Raspberry Sorbet 1001-1B / Filoli Morning Glory 5003-10B

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10 thoughts on “Help Us Pick a Front Door Color!

    1. That’s a pretty one! I’m always drawn to blues and turquoises most of all. Well, and the pinks :) Thanks for the vote, Bev!!

  1. These are all great – they will really make your house stand out! Beach Sparkle is really jumping out at me for some reason. It’s unusual and unexpected, but tame enough that you won’t be “that house” on the block. :)

  2. I super love Peek-a-Boo Blue, but that was also the color I wanted for my bridesmaid dresses, so I’m partial! When I look back at the full house with that considered, though, I start to like the Pumpkin Burst a lot!

  3. I love Peek-a-Boo Blue (BUT this is similar to you OHC house so maybe something different!)! Are you planning on changing the shutters and garage door color too?

    1. We are planning on also changing the color of the shutters and garage door, so that will definitely be a factor. We’re thinking something more neutral for those and then a brighter door just for fun.

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