Dream House 4: Orla Kiely’s Midcentury Home Tour

Happy Monday, guys! We had a pretty great weekend and hope you did, too! For the first time in a loooong time, we didn’t have a pressing to-do list to stress us out, so we were able to get out of town for a bit to visit an amazing vintage midcentury furniture store in Canton, Ohio called Main St. Modern — so basically it’s my version of Disneyland and I was in love. I’m putting together a post to tell you more about it. We also watched a lot of football (did you happen to see that Michigan State game? WOW!!), did some crafting, and even finally tackled a few projects at the new house. Weekends that are relaxing AND productive are the best.

Today we have a fun “Dream House” post for you. This isn’t anything new to the Internet, but Dwell posted a tour of textile designer Orla Kiely’s London townhouse a couple of years ago that I’ve probably gone back to look at a hundred times. I’m kind of obsessed with everything that she designs. For her line of clothing, accessories and housewares, she’s well-known for her use of instantly recognizable bold, graphic prints that are heavily inspired by the 1960s. Her home is also designed in the same iconic midcentury style as her collections, and is even full of her own products, like the wallpaper and throw pillows below. I respect that her collection is an extension of her personal lifestyle…. and the dog is awfully cute, too!

Dream House: Orla Kiely's Midcentury Home Tour

I like how this look is totally midcentury with the sharp, clean lines of the furniture that’s on the verge of looking uncomfortable, but it’s balanced by the bold use of color and pattern to keep the whole look from feeling too stark or serious. The mostly white walls provide a break from all the color and pattern, creating an overall effect that is warm and welcoming, really fun and almost kitschy, with a sense of humor. I’d definitely want to hang out here!

Dream House: Orla Kiely's Midcentury Home Tour

Since our new house was built in the ’60s and because Andy and I both really like the simple shapes and clean lines of midcentury furniture, we definitely want to incorporate some of this style, though I think we’d probably mix in some other styles as well for a slightly more eclectic look (and our couch is more comfy!). While Orla Kiely’s house is almost a museum-level example of midcentury style, there are a ton of takeaways here for us to inspire our own decorating, like the use of graphic patterns and bright colors, which are two things I tend to shy away from, especially pattern because I’m always afraid it’s going to end up annoying me in the long run. But it’s such a fun way to make a space feel so much more personal and unique. I want to challenge myself in this house to take a few risks with pattern, and I already have a head swimming with plans!! (Hmm, wallpaper, perhaps??)

Dream House: Orla Kiely's Midcentury Home Tour

We were recently approached by DIY website Cut Out + Keep to put together a “DIY the Room” feature to showcase how you can recreate the style of Orla Kiely’s London townhouse in your own home with some do-it-yourself tutorials available on the site. It was a lot of fun to search through their archives of thousands of DIY projects and tutorials to find some that reflect Orla Kiely’s style, so be sure to visit the Cut Out + Keep blog to see what we put together!! Here’s a little sneak peek…

DIY the Room: Orla Kiely's Midcentury Home Tour

So what do you think? Do you like the style of Orla Kiely’s home? Is there anything you would want to recreate in your own home?

Check out more of Orla Kiely’s home tour on Dwell.com. The top three photos are by Chris Tubbs.

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