Dream House 5: Midcentury Pastels

When I try to put a label on the overall vibe we’re going for in our new house, the best I can usually come up with is something like “cozy midcentury” or maybe “comfy mod.” It’s what I like to think of as a modern version of midcentury modern style  — modern mod??? To me, it means furniture with clean lines that are comfortable enough to actually want to sit in and stay a while, warm textiles like shaggy rugs and fuzzy pillows to soften those clean lines, and then color, lots of color, with a minimal white background.

Whatever you want to call this style, this adorable vacation home in Montauk, found on Design*Sponge, is about as close as you get to what’s in my head, and I’m pretty sure I pinned every single image. I’m madly in love with the mix of colors in the living room/dining room, where there’s a soft pink chair, a plum couch, and aqua dining room chairs along with a bright yellow door. It would almost be crazy if it weren’t for all the white and the minimal accessories. While I don’t love every single piece, the overall effect is spot on.

Dream House: Midcentury Pastels

This combo of colors is amazing.

Dream House: Midcentury Pastels

The aqua dining room chairs are my FAVORITE. Especially next to that pink armchair. (Would Andy agree to a pink armchair? Wait, we don’t even have room for an armchair!)

Dream House: Midcentury Pastels

But what do YOU think?

Check out the rest of this adorable bungalow on Design*Sponge!

All photos by Hope Greenberg.

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