Gift Guide: Modern Gifts for Baby

I sure am late today! When your day starts with dog poop in the house, you know it can only either get better from there … or it’s foreshadowing for the rest of the day. Today, it’s the latter. Welcome to the first Monday after a long weekend, eesh. But at least we had a wonderful weekend and hope you all did too!!

We’re going to do a few holiday gift guides this year, and naturally I’m starting with gifts for babies, because guess what I think about 95% of the time?!

When it comes to gifts for babies, let’s be honest, they’re kind of really gifts for moms, right? I mean, a kid really doesn’t care how cute a toy or bassinet may be and Andy doesn’t care much either, but I cringe at the sight of all those horrible brightly colored plastic things with all their noisy bells and whistles. I know I’ll lose the battle eventually, but until then, I’m loving simple wooden toys, modern designs, and as many neutrals as possible.

Gifts for Babies!

  1. Baby needs a bib, so she might as well have an absolutely adorable bear-faced organic cotton bib from Fog Linen via Sycamore Street Press.
  2. Maybe the sweet sleeping face of this knitted sheep pillow from Blabla will encourage baby to go to sleep, too. One can only hope.
  3. This swaddle blanket from Spearmint Love is a work of art.
  4. Every self respecting hipster baby has a pair of moccasins from Freshly Picked, and I love that these rose gold ones match my cell phone. Because, of course.
  5. I’m a sucker for wood baby toys and love the modern design of these bird rattles from Manzanita Kids.
  6. This wooden safari puzzle from Petit Collage is cute enough to leave out all the time.
  7. Parents will appreciate how clean and modern this bassinet from Chicco is, and it’s also reasonably priced.
  8. Tipping the scales at utterly over the top but super adorable are these hot pink cashmere pants from J. Crew to keep baby’s legs warm this winter.
  9. This fuzzy baby hat from Old Navy — with ears! — looks like the coziest thing.
  10. Animal ears on hats and hoods are all the rage in baby fashion these days, and this furry jacket from Gap is no exception — it’s both on trend AND adorable.


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