Burrito Baby Update // Week 35 — One Month To Go!

cat dresses for mom and baby

The other day I was hanging some baby dresses in the closet and realized this little cat dress was hanging right next to my own cat dress (I had put some of my non-maternity/don’t-fit-me-now dresses in the baby’s room closet), and it was just about the sweetest thing ever to think that someday we can wear our matching cat dresses together!

WEEK: 35 / Burrito Baby is due ONE MONTH from today!! It’s exciting to know at this point we could actually meet her at any time. Baby is currently about the size of a honeydew!

FEELING: Tired and uncomfortable, but overall good. After that suuuper busy and stressful day I had on Monday, it’s no surprise that my doctor on Tuesday asked me to take it easy and stay off my feet as much as possible now. I’m generally a go-go-go kind of person, so it’s nice to have this time to take a break and get settled before things get really crazy.

DOING: Because I’m of “advanced maternal age” (aka, I’m so old!), I now get a non-stress test every week, which means I sit in a big leather recliner with my feet up and they attach two ultrasound monitors to my tummy for 20 minutes to measure my contractions and baby’s activity. There’s a TV if I want to watch, or I can just sit there in glorious silence and read my book or do absolutely nothing. It’s pretty much the best part of every week!

EATING DRINKING: So much waterrrrrrrrrr! I’ve always been bad at drinking enough water everyday, like I really suck at it and would drink maybe one glass a day, but I bought a cute water bottle that’s really helping me to want to drink more. Whatever works! Ever since I got my new water bottle a couple weeks ago, I’ve been drinking water like a fish. (Do fish drink water?)

CRAVING: Since Andy and I have been really busy lately, we realized we are just kind of sick of food. Who knew that was a thing?? We’re bored of all the places we run for a quick dinner (pizza, burgers, even burritos — can you believe it??!!) and we’re bored of all the quick things we make at home. So I’m craving some new recipes!! If you have any good recipes that are quick and easy and mostly vegetarian, send them our way!

WEARING: I give up on real pants. It’s nothing but comfy pants for me from here on out! It’s awesome.

MISSING: I am NOT missing real pants!

LOVING: Seeing the nursery come together and all our baby shower gifts getting unpacked, little onesies filling up the dresser drawers and little dresses in the closet. Andy and I have been getting the baby’s room ready — painting, hanging wallpaper (it looks SO GOOD and we can’t wait to show you), building the crib, and washing all the little baby outfits so they’re ready to go soon. Things are getting really real now!!

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