Burrito Baby Update // Week 38 // Merry Christmas!!

nursery sneak peek

Hey guys! So this will probably be our last burrito baby update of the year, and well, EVER if all goes as planned! We’re so close now, just about 10 days until our due date on Jan. 2, but yesterday my doctor said the signs show that we could just as easily have a Christmas baby as a New Year’s one, yay!

Here’s a little sneak peek of the nursery for you. It’s not done but it is by far my favorite room in the whole house! It’s also the cleanest, ha. Sometimes I just come in here to sit in the rocking chair. We’ll have a full room tour soon… ish!

I’ve enjoyed putting together these posts and hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. I always figured no one would care, but then I see that they’re some of our most-read posts! Last week someone told me babies are gross and no one cares, though, so, you know, you can’t please everyone, ha. So if you’re not interested, stop reading now and come back next week when we’ll talk about non-baby things :). If you are interested, here’s what’s happening with baby and me now…

WEEK: 38 // baby is the size of a leek, they say, but I think she’s about the size of a beach ball!

FEELING: Honestly? Mostly miserable. Everything hurts. Baby is beating me up, literally — my belly button is black and blue from her constant punches. The last few weeks of pregnancy kind of suck, actually. But at least I had a really, really easy pregnancy up until now, so I can suffer for a couple weeks.

DOING: The good thing is I’m sleeping great! A lot of people complain about not being able to sleep in the third trimester, between the discomfort, lots of trips to the bathroom and baby moving around all night, but I’ve been really lucky. Baby rarely moves in the night, so I can sleep through with just one bathroom break … If only we could all have such good nights after she’s born!!

Plus, nesting is real, you guys! Whenever I’m able, I’ve been doing as much as I can to clean the house and organize and cook and just generally build a perfect little nest for baby. Other than the pain, it’s pretty much the best time ever!

EATING: We’re stocking our freezer with a bunch of meals to have on hand when the baby comes and we don’t feel like cooking. I’m trying to stock up on chili, mac n cheese, enchiladas, tomato soup, even chocolate cake!

CRAVING: Mostly chocolate cake. Per usual.

WEARING: I give up.

LOVING: It’s Christmas! And it’s warm out! And there’s no snow! I love all of these things. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!

We have one post scheduled for next Monday, and then we’ll be back in January with a bunch of house updates that we’ve been saving up for you.

Be sure to watch our Instagram @burritosbubbly for baby updates (and other stuff)!

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2 thoughts on “Burrito Baby Update // Week 38 // Merry Christmas!!

  1. I love these posts, simply because I’m only starting into the pregnancy train myself, so it’s kindof cool to have this “look ahead” even if my path turns out differently. Can you do monthly, baby-doing-this; I’m-adapting-to-new-mom-life-like this posts? (not to take away from food and decor chat, because that’s what I primarily read here…. but you know, fun look aheads for me!)

    1. I’m so glad you like these posts, Vanessa! I would love to do monthly updates like that. I think that would be a lot of fun. Best of luck with your own pregnancy. That’s so exciting!

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