Gift Guide: For a New Mom (Or Just For Me, Specifically)

For our final gift guide this year, here’s some things for a new mom, which is basically just a collection of things I kind of want. Ok, I’m not technically a mom yet, but with baby coming any day now (she’s due in less than 3 weeks), I’m going to go ahead and make myself a new-mom gift list anyway. I need to confess that I actually already bought myself a few things on this list. Andy and I decided not to give each other gifts this year because we’ve already spent so much money on moving, months of double mortgages, and of course, ten million things for baby (why does someone so small need so many things??). Instead of gifts, we gave ourselves a little budget to buy things for ourselves. Andy is getting himself a PlayStation 4. For me, it’s a couple things on this list and a new cake stand (this one). I seriously considered a new toaster, too. Because nothing says Merry Christmas like a new toaster.

Gifts for New Moms!

  1. This pouch from Spearmint Love says it like it is.
  2. I’ve always loved the baby book that my mother made for me, so I’m looking forward to making one for my little girl, as well. I bought this first year book by Lucy Darling and it is soooo stinking cute.
  3. I like that this convertible backpack baby bag from Paca Pod is gender neutral enough that dad probably wouldn’t mind using it, too. (Instead I bought one from Kate Spade that isn’t quite so practical, but boy oh boy is it pretty!)
  4. This necklace from LolliJo keeps baby’s curious hands and mouth away from your good jewelry while she’s teething, and dresses up your yoga pants when you leave the house.
  5. I’m kind of obsessed with this ticking stripe and sherpa robe from J. Crew (not so much the price, though, eesh).
  6. Confession: I already treated myself to these very comfy slippers from Old Navy … which I’ve maybe considered wearing out of the house. (Is that weird?)
  7.  This happy hat from Gap makes me, well, happy!
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