2016 House Project To-Do List

Happy 2016, guys! Hopefully you had an awesome New Year’s with plenty of bubbly!

I always like to start a year with a to-do list. Ok, I get it — it’s completely silly to put together a big list of projects to do for the year when we’re going to have a brand new baby. I mean, our real to-do list for 2016 is DON’T BREAK THE BABY. But, still, this is a home renovation blog, which means we talk about home renovations, and we make lists of home renovation projects to do and talk about. Will we get to all these projects? Heck no. But we’ll do what we can … and, besides, I just LOVE a to-do list, don’t you? Don’t answer that, Andy. (He can’t stand them. Oh well.)

Burritos and Bubbly 2016 House Project To-Do List!

What projects are on YOUR list this year???

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