Burrito Baby: Three Weeks Old

Joey Lulu - three weeks old!

Little Joey Lulu turned three weeks old on Monday! We’ve noticed that she’s spending more time awake and alert, just looking around, without crying. She’s also been SO hungry all the time, so I think we’re in the midst of a growth spurt.

Joey Lulu - three weeks old!

We’ve been having fun taking Joanna on new adventures — the grocery store, Home Depot, the tile store, the craft store, out to lunch… It’s SO tempting to stay home because getting out of the house is NOT easy. It’s a pain to get her all bundled up, to lug around the car seat, to run the risk of her having a complete breakdown in public, uugghh, I’m terrified for that. But no matter what, we think it’s WAY more important to get out of the house. We simply can’t let the stress and fear (and cold temps) keep us at home all the time because we’d be miserable. It’s great practice for her and for us, and it’s nice for her to have these experiences… even though she always sleeps through them (which is the best part!).


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