Burrito Baby: Two Weeks Old

Joey Lulu - two weeks old

Our little Joanna celebrated her two-week birthday on Monday. Clearly she was not at all interested in having her birthday photo taken!

Joey Lulu - two weeks old

I feel like the first week with Joey we were all in a daze of sheer exhaustion after four sleepless nights in the hospital, so Andy and I were just sort of in existence mode. Then the second week, we started adjusting to a new normal, figuring out routines, getting to know each other a little. Joey sleeps most of the day, with feedings about every three hours, but she usually gets very fussy in the evening, with so much crying. It’s super stressful to watch because we want so badly to fix whatever is bothering her, but when none of the usual tricks will calm her, there’s nothing to do but be patient until she can calm herself. Oh, babies, why can’t you just learn to talk?! At night, Joey is usually to bed by around 11 and wakes up at 1 and 5 to eat, so Andy and I take turns getting up to feed her. It works pretty well for us, and I love that we are able to share the duties. This morning we all slept in until 8!

We’ve been having fun taking Joey places and having new experiences with her. Since she won’t have all her vaccinations until after two months, we have to be careful about not taking her to any crowded places or letting strangers get too close, and of course the cold weather isn’t ideal. But we have taken Joey out to lunch at Fresco and B Spot — with no crying! Actually, she slept through lunch both times! I’m soooo looking forward to spring when it’ll be so much easier to get out. We’ve also started thinking about what vacations we’re going on this year and are so excited to take Joey with us!

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