Dream House 6: Surfer’s Paradise

My mother used to always tell me that when she was little and someone would ask what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would say, “a beach bum!” I think I inherited that beach love from her. I very famously came out of my room at age 4 with my suitcase in hand declaring that I was running away “home to Hawaii” — the only thing in my suitcase… my bikini. Um, Hawaii was not home. I lived in Alaska!

Nowadays, instead of packing up and running away, I just daydream about a perfectly styled beach shack by the sea, like this one in Australia that’s owned by two-time world surfing champion Tom Carroll, found on The Transcontinental Affair. And, well, it’s not exactly a “shack.” It’s a gorgeous, light-filled, modern boho dream house. See for yourself…

Dream House: Surfer's Paradise

What I love most about this house is how simple it is. It’s fairly minimal with a whole lot of white, but it still feels warm and inviting.

Dream House: Surfer's Paradise

There’s just enough colorful art, pillows, rugs and decorations throughout the home to personalize the space, which is the key to making an all-white room feel warm.

Dream House: Surfer's Paradise

I looooove the shades of blue and coral on these beds, above and below!

Dream House: Surfer's Paradise

Dream House: Surfer's Paradise

Since we can’t all run away to the beach, at least this style is easy to replicate. The keys are all-white walls, a mix of mostly light and some dark wood furniture all with clean lines, a few throw pillows in that perfect shade of ocean indigo blue, and a minimal collection of art and artifacts that reflect a global, boho lifestyle.

Actually, the style of this house reminds me of the plans for our master bedroom that we showed you the other day.

What do you think of this dream house?

(All photos by Fiona Galbraith. Styling by Nicole Valentine Don. See more of this gorgeous home on The Transcontinental Affair!)

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