Our Baby Announcements

After Joanna was born, I was really excited to design her birth announcements. I’m no graphic designer by any means, but I got inspired by hand-drawn magazine covers that I saw on Pinterest, like this and this, and decided to see what I could do myself. Actually, I started to plan it out even before Joey was born!

Joey Lulu's birth announcement

Andy took the photos and I added the text. Full disclosure: I cheated and used a font called Glorious Sunday to get that hand-drawn look. Not too bad for a non-designer! The pretty fuchsia envelopes are from Paper Source. Our only regret is that the place we had the cards printed made them more faded and grainy than we wanted, but we decided to pretend we did it on purpose (until I just spilled the beans!!).

Joey Lulu's birth announcement

I can’t believe how big her outfit was in this photo, when only a couple weeks later it’s almost too small. We weighed Joey over the weekend and she’s over 9 pounds!

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