Joey Lulu, 3 Months Old

Joey Lulu three months old!

The third month was a good one. Joanna slept 8+ hours through the night for the first time at exactly 9 weeks, and now, at 13 weeks, I can count on one hand how many times we’ve had to get up with her in the night since. (Knock on wood, because I know that can — and will — change!) She’s been pretty laid back during the day, too, for the most part. She takes a lot of naps and has become fun to hang out with when she’s awake. She smiles and giggles and is really interested in what’s going on around her. She can reach for toys and turn her head when she hears something. It’s fun. Of course there are bad days and bad hours and days when Andy walks in the door from work and I hand him a screaming baby because I just really, really need a break. But overall, this third month was my favorite yet.

Joey Lulu: fashionista

(A few snaps from my phone of Joey the fashionista.)

Joey is still great at going out to dinner and running errands. It’s all about timing for us — we just have to make sure she’s been fed and rested and keep our fingers crossed. I’ll admit there are times where I have plans to run errands that I just don’t do because Joey is sleeping or is having a bad day or it seems like too much work to lug around her car seat — so there’s definitely compromise involved and I’ve learned to be pretty adaptable. She isn’t on a set schedule yet as far as eating or naps, so it’s difficult to make definitive plans and to be on time to anything. But I really thought that I was going to be stuck at home with a baby for MONTHS, so the fact that we’ve been getting out multiple times a week since she was born feels great. We also take a lot of long walks, whenever Mother Nature cooperates (but wasn’t it warmer in January than March, uugghh).


The biggest thing about this month is JOEY! I don’t know how Andy and I have such a tall baby, but at her two-month checkup, Joey was in the 80-some percentile for height! She’s now 24 inches tall and about 13.5 pounds, which the Internet tells me is in the 70s for both height and weight. She gained about 2-1/2 pounds this month!


I want to do another roundup of products we’re loving at this point, one day soon, but the biggest favorites right now are her swing, which is magic at calming her down when nothing else works; her boppy lounger, where she spends most of her time during the day; and then there’s her favorite toy: her HANDS! She loves to stare at her hands, suck on her hands, try to get her whole fist into her mouth. It’s hours of free entertainment!


I’m always excited to see what changes each new month will bring. This next one will have a major milestone… Joey’s first flight!

We also are FINALLY going to share the pictures of her nursery with you very soon!!


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