Kitchen Renovation Progress Report #1

Oh, hey, we’re in California! We snuck out of town to visit friends in Newport Beach and then a quick stop in Palm Springs.

And also, our kitchen renovation started, eek! Everything seemed to happen really, really fast once our cabinets were delivered and our kitchen reno suddenly went from this sort of “someday” thing to a “we’ll be there at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning” thing and we had to scramble like crazy to get the whole kitchen and living room packed up, plus prepare to spend a couple days at Andy’s parents’ while the dirtiest part of the demo happened….

But look at it now!!!

Kitchen renovation progress!


The walls are down and the ceiling has been vaulted. It’s awesome.

Kitchen renovation progress

Our blog posting has been sporadic lately since we’ve had soooo much going on, but we will get back into the regular M-W-F blogging swing here shortly. We have lots of good things planned. In the meantime, I’m posting a lot on snapchat (burritosbubbly), so find us there or Facebook and Instagram. Have a happy Monday!

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