Kitchen Renovation Progress Report #6

Five weeks in and, honestly, this renovation is getting real old. Ugh. We’re soooo sick of it and soooo ready for this to be over already. But we’re getting there! Our contractor is hoping that they will be finished with pretty much everything on their end by next weekend and then we just have to wait for the counters to be installed, which will hopefully be in the next three weeks. That means another few weeks of having no sink, ugh, but the good news is we’ll be able to start putting our living room back together and move out of our bedroom. Yay! So here’s what’s new this week…

kitchen reno progress report #6

Andy has been working every spare minute assembling drawers. Many of the drawers have hidden drawers on the inside, so you see one drawer outside and then there are two or three separate drawers inside. This keeps things looking neater outside, and smaller drawers mean less digging around looking for something.

kitchen reno progress report #6

And no, they aren’t blue! That’s just the protective film that we’ll leave on until everything is done. I kind of like the blue, though!

kitchen reno progress report #6

A peek inside one of the finished drawers that holds our garbage cans.

kitchen reno progress report #6

Here’s the other view, where our dining room table will be. I love that light so much. The floors are completely installed everywhere, including the hallway and half-bath, and they’ve added baseboards and trim.

Up next: finishing the half-bath, finishing the drawers, lots of little details… lots of us trying to be patient!!

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