Dream House 8: Scandinavian Tropical

We haven’t done a Dream House post in quite a while and I was missing it for sure. I love the opportunity to share spaces that inspire me in the hopes that you’ll enjoy seeing them too, and when I saw this Dutch beauty, I knew I just had to bring Dream House back!

I’m calling this one Scandinavian Tropical… wait, whaaat?? Scandinavian style is known for being very clean and minimal, with lots of black and white, light wood and simple shapes — think about what’s good about Ikea furniture (not the part where you have to put it together!). When you combine that clean aesthetic with a hint of tropical flair, well, it sounds crazy but it works!

Dream House: Scandinavian Tropical

This tropical wallpaper next to the amazing raw wood door and an otherwise all-white room takes my breath away. I love how it has personality but is so simple and uncluttered.

Dream House: Scandinavian Tropical

In the living room, the plants are such a fun pop of bright green and bring a  lot of life to the room.

Dream House: Scandinavian Tropical

The rustic farm-style table is a homey touch in this modern, white space, and I love that oversized baby photo on the wall. I’m so partial to babies these days.

Dream House: Scandinavian Tropical

I tried to convince Andy we need a hanging rattan chair and he wasn’t going for it. I’ll just have to admire this one… for now. ;)

So what do you think? I love this simple style, and while I’d personally need to throw a few more colors in, this home feels comfortable and easy to live in.

See more pictures of this pretty home on vtwonen.

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