Kitchen Renovation Progress Report #11

Today’s update: there is no update.

kitchen renovation progress report #11

Yep. We’re starting our 11th week of this kitchen renovation, and nothing changed this week. Well, except 10+ weeks of eating out every day has made me gain a few pounds, so there’s that.

We actually do have some good news, though: the counters are being installed on Friday! YAY! Once the counters go in, our contractor will come back to hook up the sink and dishwasher, finish up a few other small details, and we’ll finally, finallyyyyyy be fully functional and able to cook at home! You have no idea how badly we want to eat a home-cooked meal!

So next week’s update should be a good one: countertops!!! We will absolutely have some sneak peeks on snapchat (I’m burritosbubbly, if you want to follow along and be friends!) and instagram (burritosbubbly). Stay tuned!

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