Kitchen Renovation Progress Report #8

As we mentioned last week, our kitchen renovation is on hold while we wait for the countertops to be installed, but things are still moving along around here. This week we’ve made some huge additions — a dining room table and barstools, which we’re so excited about! If you follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (we’re @burritosbubbly on both), you’ve seen some sneak peeks already.

new vintage dining room set

A couple of weekends ago, our contractor needed us out of the house for a few hours, so we took the opportunity to drive an hour south to Canton, Ohio, to visit our favorite vintage furniture store, Main Street Modern. Ooh, this place is so fun!! It’s essentially a huge warehouse full of amazing midcentury furniture that’s only open on Saturdays and only in the summer. The owner, Adam, has an encyclopedic knowledge of midcentury furniture, and we’ve found that the prices are very fair (like delivery for only $50!!).

new vintage dining room set

We were looking for a new dining room table and found this one that we absolutely love. Our original plan for the kitchen was to add a built-in banquette… someday. If we do it, it’ll be years before we get to it, let’s be honest, so we need something now. Bonus that this table came with six chairs that will be easy to recover with some fun new fabric. We compared the price on this set versus a new one (like this table we liked) and found that the vintage was a better deal, and we preferred the idea of having a piece with some history to balance to our shiny, modern kitchen. The warm wood also makes the bright white kitchen feel much less cold, and the oval shape is a nice contrast to all the sharp edges everywhere else. I call that a win-win-win!

new bar stools

The other new addition to our kitchen is barstools! These arrived in the mail yesterday and we were so excited to see them. When we were initially planning our kitchen, we planned on buying some inexpensive barstools from Ikea, but when we sat in them at the store, they were just ok but not great. We decided with the barstools being such a focal point of the whole kitchen — they’re what you’ll see first when you come into the room — we should consider investing in some that we really love. The first time I saw these midcentury-inspired walnut and black leather barstools from West Elm, I gasped out loud, so I showed them to Andy — while we were still at Ikea — and he agreed they were pretty perfect. We lucked out that they were 25% off over Memorial Day weekend, which softened the blow to our budget a little.

Today we’re expecting some new rugs in the mail, including one to go under the dining table and one for the living room… I’m sure I’ll be Snapchatting them if you want to see! What else is next: this weekend we’ll be removing the blue protective film and installing the cabinet hardware. Stay tuned!

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