Living Room Progress Report

Hi there! If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know I posted a little update there over the weekend all about how we’d planned on posting photos of our living room last week and, well, there were issues. So I snapped new photos, completely unstyled, while Joey was napping in her room, but I couldn’t get any of the animals to move off the couch. Do you see all three?

our living room, in progress

(sources: rug – Target, coffee table – CB2, tray – West Elm, couch – West Elm, turquoise pillows – H&M, tropical pillow – H&M (no longer available), pineapple pillow – Targetlamp – CB2, curtains – Ikea)

A couple months ago we bought a really pretty new white and turquoise shag rug for the living room. I loved that rug and it looked great, but for some reason it started getting dingy and matted really, really fast, even though we had a white shag rug in our old house for years. I think we were more careful in the old house about not wearing our shoes on the rug. Ugh, I love a white shag rug, but FINE, I’ll be practical. We bought this dark grey, lower-pile, inexpensive rug at Target that’s probably a better solution for us with two cats and a dog. I would love to invest in a better quality rug that will last longer, but I also know that it’s going to get beat up at our house, so there’s just no point.

our living room, in progress

Please, Ruby, don’t let me disturb you.

our living room, in progress

We bought this baby-friendly coffee table at CB2 and are really happy with it. I wanted something round and natural to soften all the hard, modern angles in our living room and kitchen, and something that Joey can run into without getting too banged up. Plus it looks really good with the light in our dining room.

our living room, in progress

Obviously this room is far from done. Behind the couch you’ll see our old dining room table, which we are hoping to sell — anyone in the market for an 8-foot dining table?? We still need to add art on the walls, bring in some other furniture,  and do some styling, but even though we have a lot to do in here, we’re making progress!!


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2 thoughts on “Living Room Progress Report

  1. Kerry – are you happy with the West Elm sectional? I am torn between two right now — one from West Elm and one from Joanna Gaines’ new Magnolia line from Value City Furniture!

    1. Hey Amanda! We love our West Elm sectional. It’s definitely gotten beat up over the last year, between the animals and baby spit up, but it still looks pretty nice. It’s really comfortable and so easy to sleep in. When we replace, I’ll definitely be looking at another West Elm.

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