Joey Lulu, 7 Months Old!

Joey Lulu, 7 months old!

There’s something about seven months … it sounds so old. Like one year is right around the corner now. It mostly has to do with just how much Joey has changed in the last month. She is so alert, so curious about the world, so excited to eat food, and so BIG. Her adorable little personality is definitely coming out now, and it’s wonderful to get to know her!

Joey Lulu, 7 months old!

Sometimes it takes tickles to get even a tiny smile when the camera is around!

We usually say that Joey likes to take life seriously, since she often observes and studies the world around her, but she also is the sweetest little thing who absolutely adores our cats and dog — they make her giggle all the time, even when they aren’t doing anything particularly funny! She is NOT afraid to tell you her opinion. If she doesn’t like her dinner, she will let you know right away! She’s still a great napper (knock on wood!). We transitioned to two two-hour naps daily in her crib, which is awesome.

This has been the most fun age, so I’m really excited to see what the next month brings! (I probably say that every month, and it’s TRUE!)

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