Joey Lulu, 8 Months Old!

Joey Lulu, 8 months old

Joanna turned EIGHT months old on Sunday. Our little baby isn’t so little anymore! She’s coming in at just over 18 pounds, and though we didn’t measure her height this time, she has already outgrown a lot of her 6-9 month clothes. Her light brown hair is filling in and starting to curl around her ears… so she’s clearly inherited my hair! So far her eyes are a blue-green-hazel color, also similar to mine. She’s quick to smile at us and her grandparents, laughs all the time at the cats and dog, and then stares suspiciously at all strangers, refusing to smile even when they put in their best effort … yet another way she takes after me!

Joey Lulu, 8 months old

Joey has never really been in a big rush to try anything new, so she just this month finally started rolling over from back to front. And she does NOT enjoy it. In fact, she tries to avoid rolling over whenever possible, stopping herself halfway over and pushing herself back. She definitely wants to start crawling, though. She hasn’t figured out how to get her knees up yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Uh oh, time to get the house baby proofed!

Joey Lulu, 8 months old

We love watching Joey’s little personality developing. She clearly has a sense of humor and tons of opinions. She’s really into making as much noise as possible, whether it’s talking or laughing (sometimes we hear her laughing and laughing in her crib all by herself), banging her toys or “playing” her baby piano/xylophone. She loves trying new foods — last night was a puree of zucchini, spinach, peas and scallions, which was a huge hit. She cried when it was all gone! She really thrives on a routine, and it makes all of our lives so much more relaxed … except when we need to go somewhere during naptime, ugh. But we are as consistent as possible with a bottle every three hours, 2-hour naps at 9 and 3, and bedtime at 6:30. Now we’re just waiting for her to finally get a tooth already!

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