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Happy Friday! We snapped this little family photo a couple weeks ago before heading out to brunch. Joey is getting SO BIG.

What are your plans for the long weekend?! It looks like we’re in for some amazingly perfect weather here in Cleveland, so we’re planning some cookouts with friends, Oktoberfest to see the weiner dog races (my favorite!), tackling a fun painting project, and we may just break out our new fire pit for some s’mores, mmmm.

Here’s a few links that have caught my eye lately…

I got Lasik last week, YES! I can seeeee. Like, I open my eyes and SEE. You guys. It’s crazy. I had a strong prescription and astigmatisms in both eyes, which basically means I couldn’t see close up or far away, so, wow. Now the logical next step is new sunglasses, of course, and Swatch’s interchangeable sunglasses are really fun.

Did you know that I write about weddings for my day job? I’m obsessed with everything about this Arizona destination wedding. But mostly the DONKEY!

It’s possible I pinned every photo of Erin Barrett’s home tour.

Pink Crushed Velvet Booties … and then I died and went to mid-’90s heaven.

I think we may need to plan a trip to Honolulu just to stay at the gorgeous new Surfjack Hotel. I’m such a sucker for a well-designed hotel.

Did you see this video of Joey I posted on Instagram? She is the funniest little girl.

Andy and I challenged ourselves to go on a diet this week, following the rules in this book. While we generally eat pretty well at home and both work out regularly, we felt like we needed a food reset, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

But diet shmiet, we’re still having s’mores this weekend! Because, come on, we’re not crazy!! Haha, have a great weekend!

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