Let’s Get Casual


(When did she get SO GROWN UP?)

Hey, it’s Friday! Let’s get casual! I’ve been feeling pretty “blah” this week. Anyone else having a week like that? We’ve stalled in the middle of a project in our family room and nothing has been getting done, which is frustrating and yet totally our own fault because we keep just talking about it… and getting nowhere. And then I’m frustrated in general with ALL the unfinished, undone spaces in our house, and it’s a little overwhelming. Hence the blah. Or maybe I’m just grumpy because my fantasy football team suffered its first loss  last weekend AND is projected to lose again this weekend … TO ANDY!

But enough complaining! It’s Friday which means we have a brand new weekend ahead of us to kick ourselves into gear and I have a million plans — project and otherwise. We’ll be celebrating Joey’s best friend’s first birthday and I am determined to make progress on our family room no matter what. We’re also going to take pictures of Joey in her Halloween costume, so stay tuned for that next week!! So excited. What are you guys up to this weekend?

Some things I’ve liked recently:

  • I didn’t even need to take the quiz to know I’m totally a dolphin (a neurotic, not-sleeping-well perfectionist) … what about you?
  • How HGTV has beige-ified America. This article is really fascinating. I’m so sick of every home on HGTV looking exactly the same. However, I don’t blame HGTV completely because I grew up in a very beige house that my parents built in the early 80s — complete with beige wallpaper with little ducks on it in the guest bath … though for my bathroom I chose a bright red sink, woo!
  • How could I not read a mystery series called Home Repair is Homicide?? And they’re actually good . Just what I like: a non-gory, non-thriller-y murder mystery, plus home improvement advice! I’m on book four.
  • At my day job, I had so much fun putting together a post about the cutest Kate Spade-inspired wedding!! You have to see the bow-shaped cookies!


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