Our Traverse City Weekend

We went away this past weekend to Traverse City, Michigan, for a few days and it was so great. Our good friend Alberto was running his 49th half-marathon in his 49th state, so we went to cheer him on and also show him around one of our favorite towns. We forgot to pack our camera, didn’t have wi-fi at our hotel, and managed to also forget cell phone chargers, soooo it was an unexpectedly unplugged weekend which was probably actually really good for me (though not so good for producing blog content, ha!).

Traverse City, Michigan

The view from our room.

We’ve talked before about how much we love Traverse City (here and here). Every time I go, there’s a flood of memories, from summers with my family when I was a kid, to some blurry nights with friends in my 20s. I’m glad to now add happy memories with Andy and Joanna to the mix.

Kerry & Joey Lulu

Me and Joey in our faux leather jackets in L.Mawby’s vineyards.

On this trip we tried some new-to-us restaurants that we’d definitely recommend, as well as some old favorites:

  • Jolly Pumpkin is just plain delicious for dinner, and the drive there through rolling hills covered with vineyards and fruit trees is one of the prettiest anywhere. We’ve had pizza both times we’ve been here.
  • Mama Lu’s has some of the best tacos EVER. The whitefish tacos are a must try.
  • Mackinaw Brewing Company is nice and casual and a good place to just hang out and chat over beer. The mac n cheese is yummy.
  • The Towne Plaza was SO GOOD for Sunday brunch. Very, very worth the wait.
  • L. Mawby is a vineyard that serves only bubbly… so obviously it’s my favorite place ever. Get a flight (or two) and try the whitefish pate. I’m obsessed. We can never decide which bubbly is our favorite, but it’s either J’Adore or Detroit — the sweeter the better for us.

Check out our friend Alberto’s blog for lots more pictures of our weekend in T.C., as well as his adventures in 48 other states — and one state to go!


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One thought on “Our Traverse City Weekend

  1. You guys are seriously the best!

    THANK YOU for this plug and again for coming out to join me. It really meant a lot to me.

    And of course the best part was finally meeting my little, adorable cheerleader :) She was awesome.

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