Joey Lulu, 10 Months Old

Joey Lulu, 10 months old

DOUBLE DIGITS! Our little girl is double digits! At ten months old, Joey is an active, curious, opinionated little girl. She’s scooting and crawling all over the house … backwards! Yep, she crawls backwards, even though she tries very hard to go forward. She’s also spending all day (and night) rolling onto her tummy, only to find that she despises being on her tummy, which makes her so angry. She’s very excited about pulling herself up to stand. She’s talkative and smiley and likes to flip her toys over to see how they work. She loves music and Food Network and always wants to listen to a story. I’ve been reading her Harry Potter one page at a time. By the time I finish, she might actually understand the story!

Joey Lulu, 10 months old

As of this morning Joey is about 19.4 pounds and 28 inches tall. Well, she’s taller than the piece of poster board we were using to measure her height, so she’s somewhere around there! At her last checkup a few weeks ago she was in the 81st percentile for height and 61st percentile for weight, so she’s still really tall and a little thin — but do you see those chubby thighs and that little pot belly?! “Thin” is definitely relative when it comes to babies! Her cheeks alone are a couple of pounds!

Joey Lulu 10 months old

Joey’s eyes are a greenish, grayish blue. Maybe they’ll be hazel? Her hair is growing in now, with light brown curls around her ears, just like mine, and Andy’s widow’s peak hairline. It’s fun to see so much of both of us in her face. And so much fun to see this little baby becoming a little toddler!

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