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FRI-YAY! Every time I find myself excited that it’s Friday, I kind of laugh at myself. I mean, for someone who only works two days a week (one of them being Friday), it’s kind of silly for me to be SO excited for the weekend, ha. But it’s always great when Andy can be home, and we can do fun things, work on home projects, and, besides, is anyone else feeling like they just need a break — from everything? Between the World Series excitement/anxiety/sadness, this election that has me terrified, Joey’s cold that just won’t go away, and a million other tiny little things, I’m craving a break from all of it.

P.S. Didn’t my friend Jen put together the CUTEST little photo booth area at her daughter’s one-year birthday?! This is one of my favorite family photos we’ve ever taken. Oh, and I’ve looked at it a million times and only just now realized how color-coordinated we all are, ha!

Here’s just a few links to distract us all from the real-word chaos…


  • I’ve never considered going to Richmond, Virginia, but The Quirk Hotel featured on Coco Kelley has me thinking maybe this pink, brass and marble oasis is the perfect place to take a break! (Pictured above.) And you should check out the super cute rooms, too. I love the quirky artwork.

Have a great weekend, friends!!

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