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First of all, a huge belated THANK YOU for all of the kind words about our new baby announcement. We are so so excited and happy, and Andy is looking forward to finally not being the only boy in the house!

A couple of weekends ago we took a quick road trip to Detroit to celebrate Andy’s birthday, took Joey to her first hockey game (she did not love it), said our farewells to The Joe (the Red Wings are getting a new arena next season), and got to stay with one of my best friends in her gorgeous home in Ferndale — even Ruby got to come! But since then … ugh … we’ve made two trips to the pediatrician, first for pink eye last week (EW!) and then for a nasty cold yesterday (luckily no bronchitis or ear infections, phew). So the last couple of weeks have been a bit rough around here. Hopefully Joey will finally be feeling better this weekend.

Joey also learned how to climb the stairs this week, which means I’m following her up and carrying her back down about 500 times a day. At least it’s good exercise for this pregnant lady!

Here’s a few things I’ve been loving lately…

I’m obsessed with the styling of this Palm Springs-inspired ice cream shop in Seattle via Design*Sponge with blush pink concrete blocks and tropical-leaf wallpaper. (I actually spent some time this week trying to find a source for decorative concrete blocks for an outdoor project — any ideas? Home Depot used to sell some but doesn’t seem to anymore.)

We’re starting a project (or two??) inspired by Ban.do’s A-MAZ-ING old headquarters designed by Emily Henderson — think bright colors, stripes and maybe even some disco balls!

I want this!!!

I love this list on Lovely Indeed of the duties she and her husband have. It’s sort of funny how you end up dividing up duties, often just by habit or accident and not necessarily a grand plan. In our house…

Kerry is the …

house cleaner, except…
laundry washer (but we fold/put away together)
travel planner (except for booking flights with points!)
bed maker
menu planner
to-do list maker
paper organizer
all-day baby wrangler
Target shopper
constant project inventor!

Andy is the…

shower and bathtub cleaner
bill payer
take-out picker-upper
phone call maker
baby bath giver
baby put-to-bed-er
kitty litter cleaner
lawn mower
oil change getter
project maker/builder/figure-out-how-to-bring-my-ideas-to-life-er!

Have a great weekend!!


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