Let’s Get Casual

I usually do “Let’s Get Casual” casual-Friday posts on Fridays, and here it is Saturday afternoon … but that’s the benefit of being in charge — I can do whatever I want!! Woo! So happy Saturday, friends! What’s going on this weekend?

We had a date night last night. It was somewhat spur of the moment (as much as these things can be when you have a kid). On about Wednesday we were like, seems like a while since we’ve had a night to ourselves. Andy’s wonderful parents were free to let Joey stay with them Friday night, so after work he and I went to Old City Libations for their delicious house-made pops (we tried lime, cinnamon, lemon and my personal favorite pineapple-coconut) and not one but TWO giant pretzels, ha. They have great pretzels and lots of fun dipping sauces and toppings. When we finished the first pretzel we still had sauces left, so what do you do? You order a second pretzel of course! So pretzels for dinner and then we stopped at Mitchell’s for pints of ice cream to go — and did you know they give you cones to take home for free?? Whoa! Well, turns out we were too stuffed with pretzels to eat any ice cream later, but that just means we get date night part 2 with ice cream cones tonight after Joey goes to bed. Yay!

Here’s some good things I’ve read lately…

The art print at the top is basically a list of my favorite things.

It was really interesting to read Studio DIY’s money diary. DIY blogging is expensive, you guys.

The cutest pom pom magnets!

We eat a lot of salmon and all of these recipes look delicious.

Two words: disco pineapple!!! I saw this on my friend Laurel’s site A Bubbly Life and WANT ONE!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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