Good Golly! Olly Is Two Months Old

Oliver turned two months on October 3rd, and he’s doing great! Technically he’s more like a month and a half at this point, or even more, but his pediatrician appointment wasn’t until yesterday so I wanted to hold off on his blog post until we knew how much he had grown…. which is A LOT. He gained another four pounds this month!

Needless to say, this kid is an eating machine. From the beginning breastfeeding didn’t work out, so I’ve been doing pumping and supplementing with formula, which I’m really happy about because there’s no way I’d be able to keep up with his constant demand for food on my own!

The other big news this month is that Olly is sleeping through the night, yay!! And I don’t mean that 5 hours thing that the experts call “sleeping through the night.” I mean a solid 8+ hours with no wake-ups. At 8 weeks he did his first full night and now he’s usually sleeping from 8 p.m. to 6 or 7 a.m. WHOA!

People tell us that we’re “lucky” to have two babies who slept through the night at two months old, but we take a little offense to that. Yes we’re lucky that we don’t have to deal with colic or health problems, definitely, but it takes hard work, dedication and sacrifice to teach babies how to sleep. We think it’s totally worth it, but it’s not all luck. Honestly, though, even him sleeping through the night isn’t enough to make us feel well rested since our days are so exhausting with two under two, but we’ll get there eventually!

Olly at two months is also super smiley and talkative, loves to watch us and his sister, and is quite curious about our pets. He’s just the happiest little baby. Except when he’s hungry, haha. Meanwhile, Joey is the best big sister. She loves to help give him his pacifier and hand me a burp cloth when he spits up. It’s so sweet.

I’ve been having a tough time blogging lately. There’s the exhaustion, of course — I told Andy last night that I was just going to write “our kid turned two months old and here’s some pictures, bye” on this post because I was too tired to think of anything else to say, haha. Then all these disasters lately, from Texas to Florida to Puerto Rico, which especially breaks my heart (one of my friends is from PR originally and I was able to send some diapers and formula to her to send back to her hometown. It wasn’t nearly enough but I wanted to be able to do something), and then Las Vegas and now California… it’s just SO MUCH. I’ve said it before, but I have a real hard time sitting here writing about frivolous things when so many people are suffering. But maybe the point is to just keep going?  So that’s what we’ll try to do! Andy has had this whole week off and is working on some projects that we’ll share soon. Plus, we have a ton of ideas for new projects and a couple of bigger room renovations that we’ll be starting soon!

Oh, and one more photo just for fun… Ruby turned three years old on October 3rd also! Happy birthday to the sweetest, most loving (often most frustrating) goldendoodle pup around! We love you!

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One thought on “Good Golly! Olly Is Two Months Old

  1. What a cutie!

    and blogging with tiny babies is hard — its all easier when you’re sleeping for more than three hours at a time ;)

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