Good Golly! Olly Is Three Months Old

Oliver is three months old! He’s such a little sweetheart. Right now all he wants to do is sit up and watch everyone, especially his big sister, who he thinks is so funny. He’s just starting to learn how to giggle, and he just discovered his hands. He loves looking at faces, hates being alone even for a minute, and he is a real cuddler.

Unfortunately the batteries died on our bathroom scale … um, like a year ago (those dumb little mini batteries that you never have extras of)… so we don’t have a weight for Olly. He just keeps getting rounder, though!

And his cheeks keep getting bigger!

We’ve made it through the “fourth trimester” — the first three months — but I remember with Joey that four months was when things started to feel easier, when we felt like we were finally coming up for air and we settled into a good routine (that we’re mostly still using now!). I’m really hoping that’s the case this time too. Olly can be a difficult baby at times … ALL babies are difficult at times. It’s been especially tough the last couple weeks since all four of us came down with a cold, and his seems to just be lingering, poor guy. But I think he’s on the mend, and now we’re looking forward to baby’s first Thanksgiving! It’s Andy’s favorite holiday!

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