Good Golly! Olly Is Four Months Old

Remember when the doctors thought I was going to have the world’s biggest baby so they induced me a week early… and then he turned out to be just a normal, slightly smallish baby? Well. Now he’s the world’s biggest baby!

Ok. Not “in the whole world.” Probably. But in two months Oliver has grown 3.25 inches and gone up two sizes, putting him in the 98th percentile for height. For weight he’s in the 67th percentile. He’s approximately the same size Joey was at seven months old! And she was a big baby too. I still have no idea how Andy and I have such big babies. I’m only 5’3″. Ok, 5’2.75″ if we’re being technical. And Andy’s a tall 5’9″.

Olly is often a smiley, happy guy who likes to giggle and coo and is starting to discover toys. And sometimes he’s a holy terror who screams and whines for no reason. Because that’s what four-month-old babies do. But he’s cute and we forgive him. He’s still an awesome sleeper at night, too. He goes to bed around 5:30-6 p.m. and usually wakes up around 6:30 or 7 a.m. This morning he slept until 7:30! Daytime naps are a little less predictable, but we’re working on it.

This past month Olly started going to physical therapy because he was having trouble turning his neck. He favors turning one direction while he sleeps, and since he sleeps so much at night, his neck muscles tightened up to the point where he was having trouble turning the other way. It’s apparently a really common issue with babies especially since the “back is best” movement started in the ’90s and since babies spend a lot of time in rock n plays, swings, bouncers, etc. A physical therapist taught us some simple daily exercises, and he’s doing great now.

And what a cutie! Cheeks for weeks!

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One thought on “Good Golly! Olly Is Four Months Old

  1. Wow! My daughter was 15 lb at age 1! One of my friends is normal size and her husband is a pretty small guy and they had a big baby too. I guess he was a big baby so they figured it was just something that ran in the family.

    I was always paranoid about flat heads and any issues with mobility and would babywear a lot and do tummy time a lot.

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