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I just love when they “play” together. Olly soaks up everything Joey does, and his face lights up when he sees her. The second Joey hears Olly wake up, she says “Olly up! Olly up!” — which sounds more like “ah-ee up” — and goes running to his room. It’s the cutest thing. Except when he was actually still sleeping and she wakes him up… But still.

So somehow all week I’ve thought it was one day later than it was, so it’s been the loooongest week ever! Andy had a work conference, so even though he’s technically been home, I haven’t seen more than ten minutes of him in days, and he hasn’t seen the kids at all. Joey keeps saying, “dada home? Noooo.” But, it actually is finally FRIDAY and we’re going on VACATION next week, yaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

On Monday Andy and I are heading to Cancun for our first vacation away from the kids, which will definitely be weird and hard, but I also know it will be SO GOOD for us. I need a break. And I feel no mom guilt saying that. My whole life is the (100% self-induced) pressure to stay one step ahead of everything — getting up at 5:30 to make sure I can take a shower and get breakfasts ready before anyone else wakes up, doing the laundry before we run out of underwear, cleaning the kitchen 4,000 times a day to try to maintain some sense of control. I’m tired. To the core. And I will be a better mom, a better wife, and treat myself better if I can take a little break. All the all-inclusive pina coladas I can drink will also help!

Besides pina coladas, here a few things I’m into lately…

I love love love this rainbow wall at NYC bakery Flour Shop — you know, the bakery that made famous the rainbow cake — via @designsponge on Instagram. This wall makes me insanely happy and I kind of want a rainbow wall in my house now.

Andy’s birthday was on Wednesday. We celebrated Monday since it was the only day he was home, and I surprised him by making a skillet chocolate chip cookie cake because he doesn’t like real cake (what a weirdo). This was my first time making any sort of cookie cake type thing, and this recipe from Modern Honey was delicious, gooey, and best of all easy. I didn’t even have to go to the store to buy any ingredients.

How do you feel about this wood-on-wood-on-wood kitchen? It’s definitely a bold choice, but I’m totally digging it. I couldn’t go quite this far in my own home, but I just love the combo of warm wood, that amazing texture and the large white sink to give your eye a break. I’ve never seen anything like that textured wall and it’s stunning (though I can’t help but worry about how to keep it clean!). White and wood is a major design inspiration for us and something we try to incorporate throughout our house, along with pops of color.  (Via sfgirlbybay, photo by Manolo Yllera for Architectural Digest Espana.)

Ok, first, this photo of cherries from A Bubbly Life is just beautiful. Good job, Laurel! Second, the recipe for a classic pink lady cocktail sounds fabulous — gin and grenadine and pink? Yes, please. Maybe I’ll switch out one of my pina coladas for a pink lady. Third, I’m calling it now: cherries are the next pineapple. I used to be obsessed with everything and anything cherry patterned, maybe 15 years ago, and I think that trend is coming back around. You just can’t be grumpy around a cheery cherry!

You may have seen me talking about my jumpsuit drama on Instagram stories. Oh the drama… Do you ever decide you just have to have something, and you become fixated on finding the perfect one? I ended up buying four jumpsuits in the past week! And probably looked at ten million online. The first one was ok, but suffered from some pantyline issues that required me to wear spanx and was a bit dressy for my lifestyle. The second and third made me look like a whale, just the most incredibly unflattering things I’ve ever put on. So in desperation and frustration and knowing I could get something in two days with free shipping, I checked Amazon of all places, and this gingham jumpsuit was the first result.  Well, it just happened to be adorable, pantyline-free, cute with tennies or heels, AND only $24! Drama over.

Have a great weekend, friends! I’m hoping to have a blog post scheduled next week (we’re so far behind on sharing projects!). But either way we’ll be posting photos on Instagram @burritosbubbly from our trip next week if you want to virtually share a pina colada!

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