July Projects

We have had quite a couple of weeks. We finished some big projects, made some big changes, had some big fun, celebrated a big birthday (Joey’s 2.5), and experienced some big yucks… like when we went about eight hours without power when it was in the high 90s, and a couple days later when we went 36 hours without Internet, oh and those two mouse we found in our kitchen. EEK!

Through it all, the most exciting part is finishing some of the projects that we’ve had on our to-do list for a really long time. Since we haven’t had a chance to write the full posts yet, I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been going on!

Top left: Andy built a gate! Our old gate was the most horrible thing — ugly, impossible to open, falling apart, the worst. Our new one is so pretty and easy to use. We’ll have the full tutorial soon!

Top right: We got a new couch! So many people have asked me about this since I shared pictures on Instagram. Quick answer: it’s from Ikea and we love it!

Bottom right: Andy and his dad have completely transformed our backyard landscaping this summer, and even though it’s an ongoing/never-ending project, it’s looking so, so much better. Wait until you see the before and afters!

Bottom left: We’ve also given our patio an upgrade with a new, super cute bench cushion and some other new furniture.

And in case you’re wondering, we think the mouse problem is under control. I’m not exactly afraid of mice, but when you’re standing in the kitchen making dinner while your baby crawls around on the floor and then a big fat mouse runs right next to you, well let’s just say it’s a moment I won’t soon forget! We caught two and haven’t seen any more evidence of them in a few days, so fingers crossed that was all of them. We’re pretty sure they got displaced by some of the landscaping we did around the house, so hopefully they’ll stay away now that we filled in their holes!

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