Cabin Master Bedroom — Photo and Video Tour!

Welcome to part three of our cabin tour. The third and final part. And probably the shortest, because it’s really only one room. Is it a coincidence that Kerry asked me to write the shortest post? Who can say, really?

Let’s start with the video!

I’m not sure we mentioned this on the blog before, but our first “viewing” of this house was actually via Facetime with our real estate agent. The listing popped up about 2 hours after we had just gotten back to Cleveland from a trip to Traverse City, where we looked at another house we didn’t really love. We saw the pictures of this house on the lake in our budget and said, “we need to act on this, fast!” We called our agent and she agreed to go check it out and Facetime us as she walked through.

Looking at the house that way, we weren’t totally sold on it, until she walked up the stairs and showed us the upstairs bedroom in the A-frame section. It’s big, it’s full of wood, and the windows look out over the bay. Sold.

As much as we complained about the listing photos, ours don’t really do it justice either. Everything was actually white outside when we took these (there was at least 2 feet of snow), but the windows here are also washed out. But believe me when I say that through every window, all you see is water, and you can’t see the neighbors. There’s actually only neighbors to one side — and no room to build on the other — so we are guaranteed privacy at this house. And this room makes you feel like you’re all alone.

Ignore the black sheeting on the windows. I’m … not sure why that is there. Speaking of windows, the shape and slant of these are going to present a challenge as far as coverings go. These windows face east, and the previous-previous owner — who happened to be driving by when we were there and stopped to chat — told us that it “can get warm up there.” I think that was his nice way of saying, “it gets hot.” We’ll have to come up with a creative way to get blinds or curtains up, and I’ve already got a few ideas.

Much like the rest of the house, everything seems to be built with intention. That bench all along the windows that you see? The tops all actually lift up to reveal storage area. And as Kerry has mentioned before, the mix of wood is just so awesome. At first you might think it’s too many different styles, but doing SO MANY different kinds sort of means they all work, right?

Besides the view, easily the best part of this room is something you don’t see until you come up the stairs, walk in, and then turn around. It’s this custom built dresser with incredibly cool drawer pulls (which I somehow forgot to take a close-up of — but you can see it in the video). Again: different woods, but it somehow all works.

This room could fit two beds, if you tried, but we’ll just do one king up here and treat this as the “master,” even though the downstairs one is right next to the bathroom. Either way, I cannot wait to wake up in this room as the sun rises, and I think it’ll be a real selling point when we list it for rental.

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