Let’s Get Casual + February Recap

Hey, March! You better not suck!

February was ok… until the kids got hit with the stomach flu. Come on. Again? And since I was up late with the kids for a few nights over two weeks, of course I then came down with a cold. But a few days into March, we’re all feeling better and ready to tackle what’s looking like a super busy, super fun month.

Here’s our February in pictures. Minus the stomach flu. No one wants to see that!

Top row, left to right: I tried taking pictures for the blog, but there ended up being an Olly-sized blur in most of them, haha. // Joey started taking her first dance classes and it’s the CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! // We spent a lot of time rocking in this chair while Olly was sick. // Middle row: Joey got all dressed up like a frog and went to a “Princesses/Princes and Frogs” party at the Zoo with her grandparents. I love that she wanted to dress like a frog instead of a princess! // We drove 2.5 hours roundtrip for burritos! It was Andy’s birthday, so I had the idea to pick him up from work and take him to his favorite burrito place, which happens to be in Kent, Ohio, and it was really fun for the whole family. // Two-thirds of my Valentine’s for life. // Bottom: I just love this picture of Joey and Mocha. Our 15+-year-old cat tends to avoid the kids, trying to stay out of reach, so it was really sweet to see her cuddle up with Joey for a few minutes. // Our first Valentine’s from the kids! My heart just melts to see these adorable cards the kids made for us at daycare. // Joey went to her first dentist appointment and did SO GOOD. No tears. No complaining. She is just the bravest person I know.

Some things I’ve loved lately:

I just bought these pants and love them. A tip: I’m 5’2″ but ordered a tall so they fall closer to my ankle than mid-calf because too-short pants make my legs look shorter. (A 28″ inseam falls right at my ankle for reference.)

I also just ordered this striped sweater for myself and these adorable anchor- and striped-print t-shirts for Olly. Give me all the nautical things! (Think it has something to do with buying a ship-themed cabin?!)

This is hilarious! Warning: Andy had to stop watching it at work because he was laughing too hard at his desk!

LOVE this super fun retro font. (And it’s free this week!)

Serious cabin inspo. (Be sure to swipe to see the bathroom, whoa.)

I really love this midcentury home tour — talk about a dream home, and I love the history. Andy and I would love to find a house like this someday.

I’ve been making this recipe almost every day. Which reminds me… I need to go make it right now before bed!

Happy March, friends!! ⚓️

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