Let’s Get Casual + March Recap

Did March seriously fly by for anyone else? In fact, over the weekend we went to a restaurant only to find that it was closed for a private event, which I’d seen on their website beforehand but thought to myself, “well, March 31 is weeks away.” Um, nope!!

Two big things happened this month: 1) Andy surprised me with a date night, including staying at a downtown hotel!! It was the sweetest, most desperately needed thing ever. You can read a little more about it on my Instagram post. 2) And then we FINALLY made it up to our cabin for the very first time since we bought it in December!! There was a lot of snow, like a lot a lot, but it was so great to take pictures, take measurements and most of all just really get a feel for the house. Let me just tell you now… every design idea I had before is out the window. We have a whole new plan and it’s going to be so fun! Stay tuned as we start to roll out our moodboards and ideas soon. First up: the kitchen! We spent all weekend finalizing the layout and ordering tile samples.

In case you missed the posts, be sure to check out the photo and video walkthroughs we took while we were at the cabin!

Here are some photos from our month:

Top row, left to right: did it snow inside? Nope, that’s millions of pieces of shredded paper the kids spread around the playroom… millions // Olly got his first haircut and celebrated with a cupcake // a snap from our datenight-staycation // Middle row: we’ve been taking a lot of walks this month and it feels so good to get outside // we went up to the cabin where it was VERY snowy // everyone had nasty colds this month which meant plenty of snuggles // Bottom: Mocha basking in the spring sunshine // all the little girls in Joey’s dance class got to try on their recital costumes // we took Joey out for an ice cream sundae to celebrate completing her potty chart — I’d say she was a little excited!

Here are some links I wanted to share with you:

  • After seeing the moodboard, I’m excited to see Studio DIY’s kitchen when it’s done. Would you or do you have colorful cabinets in your kitchen? We’re doing colored cabinets in the cabin! AND colored backsplash tile! In fact, there might not be anything white in sight!
  • Joey would LOVE this bedroom from Style Me Pretty, even more so if it were blue. She keeps asking for bunk beds in her room. And while I think it would be adorable if she and Olly shared a room (and solve the problem of us having no space for a home office), I also know a) there’s no way she’d climb a ladder to the top bunk that she says she wants because she won’t even climb a ladder at the playground, and b) there’s no way our kids would get any sleep if they were in the same room. It would be nothing but a gaggle of giggles! BTW, click through to see the rest of the house. It’s so cute.
  • Just bought this leopard print dress from J. Crew and love it so. Leopard print is my spirit animal. Plus it was on sale and I only paid $44!!!!!
  • I LOVE this fascinating history of The Ambassador Hotel and Cocoanut Grove in LA, from Kelly Golightly.
  • Since we all had colds AGAIN this month, particularly nasty ones that lasted weeks and put me and Andy both on antibiotics, I bought every kind of orange at my grocery store and made this citrus salad from Freutcake and it was sooo good. (Except I forgot to buy cheese and literally chopped up string cheese to put in it, ha!)
  • One of my bookclubs is reading “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. I haven’t started yet but it looks fun. Have you read it?

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